21 April, 2010

Symptoms of being a couch potato

  1. You wake up at 9 AM.
  2. You read a news paper while brushing
  3. You switch on the TV while sipping Tea.
  4. You continuously change channels as there are no interesting programs.
  5. Still you watch any program.
  6. You dad yells at you for watching TV in busy morning.
  7. You put off the TV and immediately start the computer.
  8. Suddenly, you realise that you have to bath. So you shut down the computer.
  9. After bathing and having lunch, you're again on the PC.
  10. After checking mails, you have nothing to do, so you leave the PC and start the TV.
  11. You watch two back to back movies on any random TV channel.
  12. You are very much irritated by TV advertisements.
  13. You fall asleep while watching TV
  14. TV is boring so you are on the PC.
  15. After sometime PC is boring, so you are on TV.
  16. ...and the cycle continues.
  17. Your life is only computer and TV...
I am becoming a couch potato. Aaaahhh! It's high time, I should start jogging tomorrow onwards.


Harman said...

Good.. seems like ur killing time... I wish I could trade with u..I have whole bunch of things to do in front of me....(jus kidding)

Bikram said...

meee toooooooooooo... Harman says it right.. go on change your time with mine.. 9AM waking wowow WHEN WAS THAT.. its 6 here :)

TV oh man i miss it ... enjoy the time ... plan to do something that you have not done .. good way to spend time .. learn something new :)

Ankita said...

Aahh...Jogging is a good idea.
Well, isn't it quite hot here?

We friends go for a walk in the evening. We began with 5:30 pm. And now we leave past 7 pm.

It's a sweaty affair. So choose the timing wisely. ;-)

Gaurav said...

It's getting too hot in the mornings.

Evening walk seems a good option. I'm starting tomorrow.

PS: And tomorrow I will postpone it to next day. Ah!

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

Add on.. naps in the afternoon. room never cleaned. books never kept in their place. ear phones on with a novel till 4 am!! lolz, i've been doin dat :)

sailin in the same boat :)

Gaurav said...

@Dr. Chandana Shekar: Yeah, thats right.

Thanks for visiting.

Nima said...

Jogging is a tough choice unless you have a very good stamina! I used to get very tired after a short time while I went jogging. So, I'm now sticking to walking. He he! :D

Gaurav said...

@Nima: Same is case with me. I have very less stamina.

мσηιкα ツ said...

Haha.... Even I am following the same time table this summer. ;-)
And even after the tight schedule I am suffering from sleepless nights... ;-) :-P

yogini said...

gaurav i can understand what you are saying..
my whole day goes like that only!!!
same tv pc tv pc!!