17 April, 2010

Unsuccessful launch doesn't mean waste of money

People think that we waste money on our space missions. They say that we don't have enough money to eradicate poverty in nation and we spend huge amounts of money for our space ambitions. There were comments on the unsuccessful launch of the GSLV with indigenous cryogenic engine that more than 300 crore rupees have gone waste.

What would have happened if we wouldn't have developed any cryogenic engine? The government would have used that 300 crore rupees in other development projects, the politicians would have been very happy and half of the money would be in Swiss bank, right? So whats wrong when we spend money for our own scientific development so that we become a self sufficient nation.

The scientists have worked very hard for the development of the complex cryogenic engine for more than 18 years. Failures are bound to happen in science. I'm sure ISRO will study the matter and bounce back next year with a successful launch and shut all the mouths.

PS: For those who don't know,
ISRO - Indian Space Research organisation.
GSLV - Geo Synchronous Satellite Launching Vehicle (to launch geo stationary satellites)


Bikram said...

No it Is not WASTE of money... NOT at all.. these are small hiccups God willing a successful Test will be done VERY sooon...

Good article gaurav.

ms_cs said...

nice article..Nice points.

Gaurav said...

@Bikram: I'm sure they are going to be successful in the next attempt.

@ms_cs: Thanks, nice to see you back.

Harman said...

..there is always a first time for everything..
its not a waste of money!!