16 May, 2010

5 reasons for India still being a developing country

1) Corruption
  • We have corruption everywhere. In fact people never hesitate to bribe someone.
  • Caught by a traffic cop? Give him a 100 Rupee note, he will oblige.
  • Want a driving license even when you don't know driving? Hire an agent, give him 1000 Rupees, and you're done.
  • Want to process your file first in a Government organisation? Just wink at the babu and pass on the money from below the table.
  • Got less marks in entrance exam? Don't worry, if your dad got money, then you'll definitely get admission in the best college in your city.
  • Roads in India have a life of just about 5 years, whereas roads built in developed countries last for about 20 years. Why? Because the contractor uses cheap material and fills up his pocket.
  • Court cases in our country last several years, because the client keeps on feeding money to court officials to delay their case.
  • Politicians build colleges on Government land. For a politician, it's easy to get a grant to open a college.
  • This list is endless...
Citizens are used to such practices. Right from childhood, most of children are groomed this way. If this continues to happen, then, sadly we will still be a developing country even after 50 years.

2) Caste based discrimination by the Government.
I know this is a very sensitive topic, but I can't remain quiet for so long. I suffered a lot due to this reservation thing. This is modern India, the people have changed. Now there is no such high caste - low caste anymore. The politicians are extending reservation just to fill up their vote bank. The government is clearly discriminating on the basis of caste. Whenever we fill any form or application in any government organisation, there is a field, "caste: ___". Why is this such? They say that this is only for statistical purposes. What the ...
(No offense meant for anybody, these are just my personal views)
In my opinion, the poor people are the ones who need reservation. They have a lot of dreams, but all of them are shattered by lack of money. On contrary, the government gives free scholarships to reserved classes. Buy an AIEEE form, it costs Rs. 350 for Open category and Rs. 50 for Reserved ones. And they say, "Everybody is equal"

3) Dirty People
Seriously, barring the qualified citizens, most of the people are dirty. They eat ghutka, tobacco and spit wherever they want. Nowadays I never drive behind autos and taxi's especially. I had a terrible experience once, I was driving behind a taxi, suddenly, the driver opened the window and spat out a huge amount of that shit, it seemed as if it was a puke..eeww, yuck!
People pee at any place they find suitable, like dogs. Every locality has a garbage heap dumped somewhere. People are so smart, they will always throw garbage outside the garbage bin, and never inside it. Littering is built into Indian citizens. Little children throw chocolate wrappers on the road. People eat banana and throw its skin on the road.
Oh God! Who will educate these fools?

4) Lack of proper management by the Government.
All government employees need to attend IIMs. Recently the sixth pay commission was implemented. It was just implemented on paper, but in reality, it took several months to implement it really. The world is moving towards 4G communication technology, India is still auctioning for 3G players. And that auction is taking too much time, sadly because of mismanagement. State governments also cannot manage governmental organisations properly. Naxalism is on a rise, and the Maharashtra government sends police troops into forests without giving them proper knowledge of that area. Unfortunately, the naxals attack and all troops are killed. Isn't this mismanagement of forces?
The government funds are mismanaged and stashed in Swiss banks. What else?

5) Failure to implement laws
Free movement within the country is a right. To how much extent is this law implemented? North Indians are carelessly beaten just because they want to settle in Mumbai.
Recently the traffic cops enforced upon wearing helmets while driving in Nagpur. Very few wore helmets, people contacted politicians, politicians contacted the traffic department, and then no cop enforced upon wearing helmets. Now people die of head injuries.
Most people jump the red signal. And people blow horns from behind when I'm following the rules. Yesterday, I was waiting at red light, a car came, asked an address to a cop nearby, and carelessly went ahead while the red light was still on. The cop, he was looking at a girl! huh!

Technologically and Militarily we may be advancing forward, but morally and ethically, I don't think so.


Harman said...

very well written..and so very true..
Corruption is there wht abt civic sense,,or honesty within...
it Sucks when it rains and you see so much dirt ...moving here n there,,
A cop..I never had a courage to take his help in india...he is worst then general public..
Garbage dumpster... A lady sleepin next to that... so much desperation...
Caste system... dont drink water from his/her hand..its low caste...Shame on us..
its SAD...

Gaurav said...

Yes.. it is so sad. Government, rather the people need to improve now!

GOWTHAMI said...

VERY NICE.......

maddy said...

Thanks a lot
even now there is a threat
What can i do for it

Anonymous said...

whatever you said is 100000000% correct. Our country is unfit for a human to live. I am waiting for an opportunity to leave this beloved country. Like me many should go out. Let govt give opp to all junks remains. See singapore just have 42lakhs population. How developed it is. Many small islands are becoming developed nations.... We are strugling to develop atleast moderately....Vande Mataram!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok ok all these things are happening everyone's know it very well... What next ???????????????????

Do we think and act for the solutions???????

Answer me?????

Amresh kumar said...

good post... It's true fact

Anonymous said...

I dont know you Gaurav, but salute to you.. You have written something what is felt by major educated urban citizen. People are now feeling shameful to call themselves a citizen of this country. I guess, if we talk about the steps to be taken for improvement, dear its not possbile atleast in this country for the next 100 years.

Truly Salute to Gaurav..


Janpal Virk said...

well said , but I think rise in population is also big problem for our country this is because there is no family planning and many of young boys and girls get married in the age of less than 22 in each year when they are jobless or not financial strong and their parents forces them to have child. if child is girl then they want another child as a boy and this continuous till up to 3 or 4 child.

malavika said...

what is written is 100 % , and the reservation thing is really good . we all know about the problems are country is facing , but no one actually thought about improving it . we blame our government , okay i agree they are corrupt , selfish and what not , but does that mean we remove that set of government and sit forever without the GOVERNMENT . no good , well educated person wants to enter politics !! " apne ghar ke safai me hum apne haath kyu gande kare ? " this very thought is poison for country . its eating our country up !! we need to stop blaming the government and realize that there is no way out , till good people enter politics , have enough will power to control themselves and not be corrupt !! we need to wake up , we not only live in the country but we make the country too !!! so its not important to be a part of armed forces , politics , etc , etc to serve the nation . we can always do our bit from our little world .

i hope that this gets into people's mind . :) :)

Anonymous said...

i appreciate your views but as a indian first know about india and i want to say you one thing india has no national language and if you sigapore which has english as national language although there are many who speak chinese paved to the way of development

surya teja said...

Very nice.....it is very useful to public to know the situation of India....caste,cop,law,curroption... It is very helpful to me...