30 May, 2010

In case of a nose bleed...

PS: Doctors please correct me if I go wrong.

I had a bleeding nose twice in two days. Maybe because of the high heat here in Nagpur (Or may be I was picking my nose hard hahaha.).

When someone's nose bleeds, it is really a harsh site, people around get scared. So, whenever you get a nose bleed find a bathroom, or a place away from people. Pinch and hold your nose and breathe through your mouth. Never lean your head backwards as it will lead the blood to enter your throat and you will have to swallow the blood. It is said that swallowing blood is not good, unless you are a vampire bat.

Keep your head (nose) above the level of your heart. Never lay on your back. Stand still for about 5 minutes (bleeding stops mostly in 5-6 mins). After your nose stops bleeding, don't blow hard from the nose, gently wipe out the blood outside, don't wash your nose as it will soften the blood clot formed inside to start bleeding again. After sometime when the insides of the nose are dry, wash your nose gently.

Take care. Don't pick your nose hard.

PPS: I thought to share this as I've seen so many people proceeding the wrong way in such cases.

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