05 May, 2010

Look at 'em, hit 'em

PS :Just thought of something weird and funny. And the outcome was this,

Look at that man spitting
He spits on the road, pavement, and the staircase
I guess he wants some hitting
Hit him with a flower vase
Let him fall on the spit of his own
all our allegations he will disown

Look at that man urinating
He thinks the wall a property of his father
He is no way ashamed of what he's doing
Hit him so hard that he remembers his grandmother
On his own pee he should fall
A lesson which is remembered by all

Look at that man teasing a girl
The passers-by pretending nothing
At him a boulder I quickly wanna hurl
To strike his head, make him forget everything
The girls, they should slap him real hard
You know, all these fools are fuckin retards

Why are we just watching?
Why don't we start thinking?
Keep your brain and your environment clean
Love the country, than bribing and winking
So that we are envied by all the way by the west
And we move forward in this technological quest.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
Look at 'em, hit 'em by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.


Anonymous said...

Loved it :)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

good ya. those retards really deserve this

Ankita said...

Seriously all of those need smacking in the head!
(...and I am becoming a fan of your poems :-))

Enigma said...

Good one! I think one of your best poems. All of them are good though. :)

Gaurav said...

@ myrandonrambles :Thanks

@ Dr. Chandana : Yep, those retards need sound thrashing.

@ Ankita :Seriously, because of such retards innocent girls are embarrassed and suffered.

@ Enigma : Thank you.

Harman said...

Good.. one!! each one shld take a step ..to improve..nice post...

Madhu said...

well written...i think this is a great way to teach people a lesson...i dont see why a person will not learn a stuff or two reading this!

yogini said...

very good gaurav!!
good going
keep it up!!
n i know ye bhi poem tune he likhi hai na????

Gaurav said...

@Harman :Everyone needs to think about it, then only we will move forward.

@Madhu :People don't care unless there is someone holding a pistol on their head.

@Yogini :Thank u. Ha re baba maine hi likhi hai.