09 May, 2010

Mom, I love you!

You were the first person I saw, when I was born
The nurse pinched me, I cried so long,
You smiled and showed me the beautiful morn.
But the nurse made me moan
Tears of joy, down my cheeks, they rolled on.
Because I was delighted to see my beautiful mom.

Mom! You taught me how to talk,
Dad held me, but I wanted to come to you.
So I stood up and tried to talk and walk.
"Mamma, Pappa", in my vocabulary, were the words few.
How could you manage office and me simultaneously,
I guess, grandma passed you that magic secretly.

You remember ma, I used to eat earth
and you used to slap me real hard,
and hug me soon, which you did right from my birth.
I surely miss that slap and the soil in our backyard.
You were always there for my good,
to play with me and recharge our mood.

Look mom, now I've grown up,
I can never forget the love you've given.
Such a beautiful relation I'll never break-up,
Because in this relation, I just feel like heaven.
I love you ma, may you live forever,
God shall give everybody a mom like you, so clever.

- Gaurav Bhorkar.

Happy Mothers day to all readers of Gaurav's (good) blog.
PS: This post is a candidate for this contest by blogadda, thanks to them.
PPS: I would like to give that white mug from Pringoo with this design to my mom.

For You Mom

For You Mom
For You Mom


Enigma said...

Beautiful way of expressing your love for your mother.

Rahul said...

Well written..Nice expression..Your mother must be very happy :-)

Gaurav said...

@Enigma: Thank you.

@Rahul: Yep, she is very happy today.
Nice to see you around.

Nu said...

very nice !! and this place looks cool too :)

Gaurav said...

@Nu: Thanks for dropping by.

Madhu said...

how sweet was that..the pic below seems to take the cake though..:) lovely

Anonymous said...

You are becoming some kind of a poet aren't you? Nice one again. Maami must have been very happy.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

good one

Harman said...

happy..moms day!

Gaurav said...

@Maxmayur: Lol, I expected that..haha. I tried my had on rhyming and got well with it, many more to come in future.

Yes, maami was very delighted.

Gaurav said...

@Madhu, @Dr. Chandana Shekar
Thanks a lot.

@Harmaan : Happy mothers day to you too.

yogini said...

you touch my heart gaurav!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is so warm and touching. You echo my feelings man. And your traffic signal code rocks. Keep writing. No,no I'd say keep coding :)

Gaurav said...

@Ajay: Thanks a lot. Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again.

Madhav said...

Gaurav You Rocks Buddy

shreoshi sinha said...

awsm :)