03 May, 2010

Petrol Partner - Go get one for you

In my 2 years of engineering, I've learnt a very good concept of sharing vehicles. I was initially reluctant to share the pillion, but gradually I understood the importance. It saves petrol and money, it saves our environment, it gives you company for a long ride, etc. My college is about 15 kms from home and my bike isn't very efficient, and hence I desperately needed a petrol partner. If you travel to your college by a two wheeler, you are approached by potential petrol partners, on the very first day.

On my first college day, a guy asked for my bike. I said, "It's my bike, why should I give you?". He just started quarreling with me. That was ridiculous, "why should I give my bike to someone who wants to go to 'pan thela' to smoke?" He wasn't a potential petrol partner, he was just bullying on me. So, while selecting your petrol partner you have to be very careful. If a wrong partner is selected, you will suffer, he will enjoy free rides. I had several petrol partners. Following points would help selecting a good partner for you,

1) Potential petrol partners themselves approach you, but stay away from people who bully on you.
2) Tell classmates that you are in search of someone who stays en route to the college.
3) While you negotiate with someone, determine his attitude, some people may want to use you.
4) When you deal with someone, take trials, and ensure that he does refill your vehicle. This may sound awkward, but people don't refill your bike, and you have to remind them time and again.
5) Try to get a petrol partner from you own class, so that the timings don't clash.
6) Ensure that he is not a late comer. This is really important, because of your partner you get late, so you and your partner, both should be active.
7) In my personal opinion, one should have a girl as a petrol partner. I observed that girls don't have to be reminded to refill the vehicle, the get ready on time, they are light weight (hehe..your bike won't suffer).
8) If your petrol partner has his own vehicle then you are the lucky guy. In this case you don't have to worry about refilling your ride, you can alternatively use the vehicles to get to the college.

Thus getting a good petrol partner is important. Hopefully I should get a good partner this semester, or I'll continue with my old pal (he's good but lazy). Any girls from my class reading my blog?

PS: One more advantage of having a petrol partner, tell dad that you don't have any petrol partner. You can save the money you get from your dad for petrol, like me. (if you don't get any pocket money)


Bikram said...

Gaurav.. a very good idea .. wish i had one here too petrol is a pound and 25 pence.. a litre and since i got a massive engine, I spend hell of a lot in petrol each week...

But hey I do wish some girl reads your blog then who knows... you might get lucky.

and hey money from dad.. here's a idea.. tell dad you need tuition two subjects... attend one and the other in hand plus you get an hour to stay out of house he hehehe :)

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

nice one. car poolin n petrol partners is a very good thing to save the environment. not to forget the other advantages u have told

well, very well written. i wish girls from ur class read this blog :)

and have fun with that extra pocket money u get from ur dad :)

sangita said...

great yaar!!!!!!wat an idea sir ji??i wish i had ma college days back!!!!!

Enigma said...

Those were some good points. I sure have my petrol partner from two years and she's a good one. By the way, don't get too carried away fooling your parents regarding the money(and other things). :p
And the girl point you mentioned, I think you got that wrong. Many girls(excluding the likes of me)want a boy as his petrol partner because they don't want to pay the money for the petrol. I have some girls in my class like them.

Enigma said...

It should be "as HER petrol partner because--".

Enigma said...

Sorry it should be "as HER petrol partner because ---."

Gaurav said...

@Enigma - Yes, there are girls like that and it is wise to avoid them.

And regarding the pocket money, I don't get any money, so I have to make adjustments to get some. That's not fooling in my opinion, I'm just saving some rupees for myself.

Gaurav said...

@ Bikram: Dude, that would be very unfaithful for me. I had some of my friends doing the same.

Extra money from petrol partner is less as compared to the Tuition Fees, but it's okay. At least my heart says, its fine to save on petrol and keep the money.

Harman said...

Good.. ideas never Knew..GR8 goin at this age!

Ankita said...

Petrol partnership rocks.
But, having a girl as a petrol partner, won't it land you and her in a little awkward situation?

Don't know if my statement is valid here though.

Gaurav said...

@ Ankita: Oh ya, I never thought of that. Yes, there could be some rumours, which will be very awkward.