07 May, 2010

Teenage life

This is the last year of my teenage (nine-teen). People say that a boy turns into a man after the so called teenage. During the teenage we go through various traumas and brainwashes with different levels each time, quite similar to the clothes which are washed inside a washing machine with different wash programs. So here's the wash program of a typical Indian teenager,

Gentle (Age 13 - 15 years)
In this wash the child is washed gently, he has no tensions, no stress. Children of this age are like kaccha nimbu, they don't know anything, but they are eager to learn. The school is enjoyable, some have few girlfriends, and life seems on the right track for them. They are gently advancing to face hardships further.

Heavy (Age 16 - 18 years)
There is a lot of tension. A child has to manage between 12th standard studies, tuition, entrance exam coaching, etc. They get a sound bashing from their parents for not getting enough marks. This age marks numerous breakups between relationships. Some people get pimple and get depressed about their looks. This period of life is really heavy on mind. Unfortunately some guys cannot bear the heaviness and commit suicides.

Normal (Age 19 yrs - until we get a job)
After the heaviness, the teenagers are quite matured and ready to face life. Some learn it the hard way, some take it easy. Studies are less as compared to the heavy phase, and students easily pass either by cheating or studying. Regarding relationships, your dad is always angry with you, he always complains about you getting less marks. Love relationships get good as all are matured enough. This gets normal until you get a good job.

Then comes the spinning mode (like a spin dryer). You keep on spinning and squeezed until all water in your body is pulled out. At last you stop when you're dried and laid to rest and your soul departs. This is how life ends.


yogini said...

kaccha nimbu?? hehheeh that's true!!
same here am also enjoying my few months for this age!!

Harman said...

good simile ..very close to reality..exactly everybody goes through that!!
No doubt.

Ankita said...

I think Teenage is the most confusing phase of our lives.
There is so much to decide... Choosing friends, building view-points, developing a personality, determining definitions of success for ourselves and what not.
I've got 7 more months to go.. :-( I wish the teen-life lasted for a little more time.

Bikram said...

thats why they say
yeh daulat bhi le lo
yeh shauharart bhi le lo
bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawaani
magar mujhko lauta do
woh bachpan ka saathi
woh kagaz ki kishti
woh barish ka paani


Monika said...

Very well written and explained. :)
Teenage is most important phase of life, it reflects your past and determined your 'FUTURE'. :)

Gaurav said...

@Yogini: Few days remaining for you, enjoy!

@Harman: Yeah, each and everybody goes through these stages and comes out stronger as a changed human being.

Gaurav said...

@Ankita: I too have about 10 months to go. And rightly said, this is the most crucial time of our lives.

Gaurav said...

@Bikram: Kya baat hai, wah wah..absolutely right.

@Monika: Thanks. Teenage is the foundation of life, which determines the strength in future.