19 May, 2010

What a bad day, all Murphy's Laws valid.

I had a terrible day today.

It was so hot in the morning. The afternoon was really boring with poor internet connectivity. I decided to watch TV, the current went off. I was wet with sweat cursing the electricity board officials. When the current was back, I watched TV, but to add to the frustration, suddenly sparks came out from the back of the television set and it went off never to start again.

No TV, no internet, what else could I do rather than sleeping.

In the evening there were light showers, the weather was awesome. Me and my sister decided to visit my aunt and relish some Paani-Puri. The evening too was spoiled when a dirt particle got stuck in my eye. Even after washing several times, the eye was irritating. Somehow ate the paani-puri and came home. My eye is still hurting. I wish all gets normal by tomorrow morning.

now what happened to blogger? This post isn't posting.

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