11 May, 2010

What? CS got no scope?

Whenever I meet any elder relatives or parents' friends, they ask me a general question,
Uncle: "What are you studying?"
Me: I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering.
Uncle: "Why did you choose Computer Science? It has got very less scope today."
Me: "Then which branch I should have taken?"
Uncle: "Electronics, Mechanical, ... any of the core branches."
Me: "Uncle, I don't like Mech and Electronics"
Uncle: "Son, in today's world you don't have to go after your likings, all that matters is money, your salary."
Me: "Oh!!", Then I leave making a weird face.

I'm sick of these questions, I'm tired of answering them. How can be people so mad after money? That's why most of the people of their age end up working as a clerk for some government organisation. By no scope I don't know what do they mean. They think that there are no jobs remaining in the IT sector. I know that the IT sector was down a bit in recent times, but I doesn't mean that it will never ever boom again. Computers and their applications are immortal so are the other engineering branches. By the way, I don't care about the scope of CS engineering at all. I decided to pursue Computer Science right from the beginning and because I love this field, I know that getting a job will not be a difficult task for me. I don't just want a job, I am here for a change, to cultivate and share knowledge.

There are so much false speculations about engineering. Each ear lakhs of engineers graduate and most of them end up working a monotonous job. Why? Because they didn't take interest in the field, they were interested in something else. They were dragged into engineering either by their parents or because of seeing so many fools doing engineering.

This post is addressed to all those who just gave their engineering entrance exams. Remember guys, don't just be a puppet of your father. Our parents hear something from the outside world, think their son / daughter can earn a lot of money doing xyz engineering, and then they ruin your career. You gotta look deep into your mind, your interests, your weaknesses, your strengths, etc etc. In my opinion, it's best to get an aptitude test done. Engineering is not just the world, there are many wonderful careers out there. You just need to answer question, "Will this career suit me, will I be happy into it for lifetime and am I worth for engineering."


Nu said...

that's a nice post for those who are going to step in the professional course now :)

And message for you: Just chill ! Let the people be :)

Harman said...

Nice..yor hobby shld be your profession if u wanna excel in life...BUT a back up plan shld always be there seeing the scenario!

Enigma said...

I don't think that any field in engineering is without scope or a future. If it would have been that way, it would not have been an engineering discipline in the first place. Likewise, every other career has its own importance.

Gaurav said...

@Enigma: Rightly said.