24 June, 2010

Driving with your dad

Whenever we drive with our parents (or elders) we often hear these comments:

"You tilt the bike too much while turning"

"Hey Drive slowly, you're too fast" (even when you're driving 40 kmph)

"Why are you overtaking a lot of vehicles, there is no need"

"Don't drive through the potholes, you'll damage the shock-ups"

"What a dirty vehicle, you never wash it"

"You hit the brakes too hard"

"You have ruined the bike in a single year"

"Drive carefully" (whenever you go out alone)

"Don't honk too much" (You are honking at the front vehicle)

"WAIT! Let that car go first" (even when that car is very far away)

"I can't imagine how you drive when I'm not with you"

"These youngster na...they drive awful"

"Drive with economical speed, ...mere paas paiso ka jhad nahi hai"

I don't remember more...*laughing*

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