08 June, 2010

Electronic appliances

We are never satisfied with the electronic appliances we buy. We buy the appliance happily but when days pass by you are like, "yaar thode din aur ruk jata to isse accha mobile / TV / ... mil jata". It is futile to be crazy for buying latest electronic stuff, every year some new and superb tech gadget come to the market, and the prices of older gadgets dip instantly...and the cycle continues.

I've seen crazy people, every time you meet them they have a new mobile phone. Some are crazy for upgrading their Personal Computers. When I bought a PC a few years back it cost me Rs. 30,000 and the same PC now costs Rs. 15, 000. Such a drastic dip in costs. Recently, my sister bought a phone worth 7500 rupees, after six months, it was worth Rs. 6500.

And if you continue to wait, you'll never buy a phone. :P

I used to be crazy for mobile phones. Till now, I've changed about 3 mobile phones. The first one was very basic, then a slight advanced one, I always wanted more and great features. But now I have lost interest in mobile phones atleast.

Now my dad is planning to buy a new phone, he doesn't like his old phone anymore.


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I dont think that going with the latest one is always a good choice.
No doubt it matters.But i think if the model is durable and good enough in design.That work great.

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