06 June, 2010

Nokia needs to improve upon s60v3/v5 homescreen.

As compared to other manufacturers' mobile user interface, Nokia lags behind in the design of their home screen (standby screen). You cannot customise your standby screen, we have to chose between only 3-4 designs. Nokia should allow placing of icons, sidebars or customised widgets on the home screen.
Nokia Standby
The standby of Samsung star is very interactive, it features a sidebar and widgets. In fact we can move the widgets, like a desktop icon.
Samsung star standby
Android's standby screen is on of the most simple and best, I think, very similar to a desktop.
No need to talk of IPhone, it is just awesome.

I own a Nokia 5233, and I think if Nokia pays more attention to their user interface, they can conquer the smart phone market (although still 40% of smart phones run Nokia's Symbian OS). Today's generation is more inclined towards the looks of a mobile phone.

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