11 June, 2010

Program: Yoga Master

Wrote this program in C++ using the .NET framework class library (just learnt the basics of .net). It was fun writing the program, came across a lot of difficulties, but it was fairly easy.

Yoga Master is a small tutorial program which gives description of some basic yoga poses which can keep you healthy if performed regularly. Only photos of yoga poses are shown in the program as I don't know animation yet. I don't why I named it "Yoga Master".

Just try out the program and give me some feedback as to improve the program further.

System Requirements:
  • Windows XP or later
  • .NET framework 2.0 or later.
  • any amount of RAM and CPU
Here is the link to download the program -> Download setup (0.5 MB)

I don't know anything about using GNU general public license in making the source code available. But still I am making the source code available, techys can download the VC++ project here (3.5 MB).

For those who just want to have a look at the program, here are a few screenshots,
click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Note: All the images used in the program were downloaded from Wikipedia, they belong to their respective owner. I hope I haven't committed any copyright infringement as such.

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Avinash Kumar Sharma said...

A good work for the start, though I am not much into into GUI, I usually prefer GTK Toolkit over .NET, GTK being more elegant ,better cross-platform support and an excellent language binding.