16 July, 2010

Different types of lecturers

Some lecturers really piss me off, I have to attend their lectures just for the sake of attendance. This semester we have six subjects and three of the lecturers are sooo boring, most of the students are sleeping.

1) The bad pronunciation guy
We have this guy who teaches us Object Oriented Programming. I burst into laughter when I first heard him. He is awful with the pronunciation. His accent doesn't sound like Indian, its something very weird. 'Constraints' becomes 'kaanstraants', 'Stroustrup' becomes 'stroostroop', 'Bjarne' becomes 'beejarneee'. It is a mix of some Marathi, South Indian, and other accents which make it non-understandable and kinda weird. And he dictates notes in the class which makes me go nuts. Accent is not a problem but atleast it should be understandable.

2) Thik hai thik hai sir
In the middle of nowhere this guy came and started teaching us Operating Systems. I don't know what's the problem with him, he is always kind of scared. He also misses some words in between the sentences. His English skills are crap. I mean, he is always wrong with the tenses and grammar. It is fine if one teaches in Hindi. The worst thing, after every sentence he has this bad habit of saying THIK HAI and OKAY. I guess he must be uttering that word 'thik hai' a million times in a day. Useless!

3) The Superfast express
This madam is always in a hurry of completing the syllabus. She has stored all lecture slides in a pen-drive, comes in the class room, takes us to the Lab and teaches using those slides. She completes one chapter in one presentation, and at the end of the lecture, all done! a whole unit (2-3 chapters) completed! By now she has completed half of the syllabus, and we're still in the first month of 5th semester. She's got no teaching skills.

These three lecturers, huh! I think I should immediately start preparing for exams or I'll fail. There are some other lecturers too, one ma'am has a very shrill voice, but thats okay. The maths teacher is the most lazy person I've ever seen, she starts the lecture with a yawn saying, "kya padhana hai aaj?". Some lecturers just come in and start dictating notes. WTF

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