06 July, 2010

Getting a driver's license

The situation in our country has worsened a lot more. About three years ago (when I was 16) I applied for a driving license for a moped. I didn't hire any agent and preferred to do all things legally. The police officer there at the Regional Traffic Office (RTO) was posted to judge whether they are able to drive a vehicle or not. When it was my turn, the cop as usually arrogant, asked me to drive my scooter. I drove perfectly! Then he asked me questions like "What does that sign mean?". I answered most of the questions (not all). Then he made weird faces and stamped my application 'DISQUALIFIED'. And you know what, you can't argue with Indian policemen, they are very much arrogant (same is with army officers). It was the worst WTF moment for me. Firstly I had all the documents, secondly I drove perfectly and answered all the questions asked, then God knows why I was disqualified. Same was the case with most of the college goers who were applying for the license.

When you are disqualified, you have to come again next week and do all the processes again. This means that the government considers us like fools, we don't have other work to do. I was furious, I hired an agent. You know what the agent said, "Sir, aap documents mujhe de do, mai aapko kal learning license de deta hu, aur ek mahine baak permanent license bhi de dunga" (Sir, just give me the documents, I'll give you the learning license tomorrow and the permanent license a month later). He charged me Rs. 200 for learners license and Rs. 550 for a permanent license. And when you are furious and frustrated you don't worry more about money, so I finalised the deal with him. All I had to do is sit at home and wait for his call, no driving test, no questions, no arrogant policemen.

I drive a motorcycle with gears, but I held a license for a moped. All I knew this time was to hire the same agent and give him Rs. 200 and get a learning license again.
My heart says that I should go the legal way, but the bitter experience I had previously made me hire an agent.

If you are missing some of the documents, still you can get a license, the trick is to hire an agent and give him more money. Weird huh! This is India.

What is the procedure in your country?

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