04 July, 2010

I'm tagged!

 Last week Bikram tagged me on his blog. So here are the answers to his questions,

1. What one material thing are you hoping/ scoping to inherit?
Ans - I don't know, maybe a house in my hometown and some property.

2. If You were a character in a movie that you've seen who would I be and why?
Ans - I don't know Bik very well. Still you can be a ROBOCOP.....hahaha don't mind.

3. If You could do one thing for Someone, no matter what it was, what would it be for Who?
Ans - That someone is my family, they want me earn a lot of respect.

4. You’re driving. It’s great weather. Attractive member of opposite sex in expensive car looks at you and half-smiles. You’re in a relationship. Do you return the look and half-smile back?
Ans - Ofcourse yes, smiling back is a good manner.

5.Pick a situation
a. You’re 42. Would you rather go without sex for three years and win a lottery after that, enabling you to never have to work again? Or
b. Get twice the lottery money now (at 42) but have your partner sleep with your boss?

Ans - Situation A. No comments!

6. What has been the craziest thing u have ever done?
Ans - Once I placed a 20 rupee note instead of 150 rupees below a rock when a traffic policeman asked me for a bribe. He told me to put the money below a rock. ha ha ha! You know, that was the last time a traffic cop caught me.

7. God gave u chance to alter any one event in the past, present or future. What wud that event be?
Ans - I wish I become more intelligent in future.

8. Would you rather go bald or lose your front tooth?
Ans - I'd rather go bald, it's a different style. Front tooth! aaaaaaaaa!

9. Your sibling is sleeping with your married close friend. Who do you go to first, sibling or married close friend?
Ans - They are matured enough to decide things.

10. Would you rather your kid turn out to be a nymphomaniac or gay?(For my amusement, please answer in the format: I would rather my kid be —)
Ans - A  Gay.

Now I have to tag people. My blog has limited number of readers, so anyone who follows my blog and is not tagged before, take up the tag and spill those answers out.

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