30 July, 2010

The so called lecturers

Right from my childhood I've heard that a teacher will always help you in difficult situations, teachers are always there to lend a helping hand. Today we were in a situation desperately waiting for help. My friend, Ms. R's vehicle got punctured. Fortunately she called someone from her home to bring an extra inflated tire. When he came, we discovered that we don't have the spanners to open the nut-bolts and replace the tire. It was evening time in the college and everybody was going home. We decided to wave and stop someone so as to use the spanner from their vehicle's toolkit for just a couple of minutes. We were looking for someone driving 'Hero Honda Pleasure' as R's scooter was of same type. We waved and waved to all 'Hero Honda Pleasure' drivers, not a single student stopped. The lecturers, they too ignored us. The one who stopped said she doesn't have the toolkit directly even though her vehicle seemed brand new.

The days are rainy and the roads are slippery. When someone needs help desperately, nobody shows up. At other unimportant times everybody mingles around. We expected the lecturers to stop at least, but all went in vain. Most of them ignored us and straight away drove past us, only one teacher stopped. At last we gave up and went home leaving the scooter there itself (Her uncle came and took the vehicle afterward).

Everybody in this cruel world think about their own good. Where is the helping nature? All are selfish.

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