21 July, 2010

Stupid elements in classroom

Today, the college management had arranged a series of lectures on 'Improving communication skills and Functional English'. Today's first lecture of functional English didn't went really well because of some stupid students. The lecturer was such a gentleman, he was trying to make the lecture as interesting as possible. He was a very senior person having about 30 years of teaching experience and his teaching was superb. A respectable and a pure gentleman he was. But things didn't come out very well for him because of some arrogant and bad behaviorist students.

"Students are like Gods, we teachers are here to serve them and gain virtue" were some of the noble sentences he uttered. He was also fair enough to allow uninterested people to leave the classroom. But some anti social students, were not at all interested but wanted to spoil the spirit of interested people like me. Whenever Sir used to turn to the black board, there were comments from the last benches, some made weird sounds..absolute bullshit! When the class was about to get over, some bad guys directly asked Sir to end the session. Such a rude scene it was!

Atleast they shouldn't have done this to such a respected person like him. Inspite of such things he was calm and humbly requested students to cooperate. I thought he has come to a wrong place with wrong students. People who aren't interested should not attend, why to disturb others and spoil a good classroom session. I hate such a$$h*les, hopeless and useless people. I'm furious!

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