15 August, 2010

Poem: A humble request

From the heavens I descended to see my very own child
I gave it everything, I gave it love, and a peaceful birth.
Past is gone, present is bloody, humans made my child go wild
Is that what I sent humans for? To show no mercy to mother earth?

You call me God, you pray for your child in your womb,
Then why do you test and detonate another nuclear bomb.
I see no future for your children and your weeping wives,
you go on a rampage, killing people in your bid to survive

I wish I stretch my hands and cover all the nations
Erase borders between them, sheen then with Love's radiation
Then no suspicion will remain, no chance of rivalry
Unity will prevail all over, not just in a single country

I hoped to see all of you living in brotherhood
What went wrong? You created religions, you’re still getting rude
So rude that you frowned upon your brothers creating castism,
Living a life which has got nothing rather than just division

I wish I had my very own God to pray for you,
To tell you that this life is worthless and your days remain few.
Change your mind, your thoughts and the wrong things you’ve done,
Because I’ve given you an earth which is one and the only one.

I don’t want religion, castes, and race,
I just want to see your smiling face.
Because I’m your God and you’re my child,
Its my humble request, “Please don’t go wild!!”

-Gaurav Bhorkar-

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