24 August, 2010

This Raksha Bandhan...

Credits: Wikipedia
...I'm not going to college. The reason is 'Rakhi'. All boys have decided to bunk college to escape from being tied a Rakhi from their female classmates on whom the former have a crush on. There are a lot of unwilling brothers in our college. I second their idea, so yippie.. no college today. They say, there are girls roaming in college with a lot of Rakhis, and it is dangerous to attend college.

Imagine how would you feel if you have a crush on one of your female classmate and suddenly she turns up on Raksha Bandhan day and ties a beautiful Rakhi on your hand and says, "Where's my gift, BHAIYA?"
Oh my god! man! you're gone, you've become a BHAI now. All your chances are shattered. Thats why, don't go to college today. Be careful, be safe!

But still we can't escape from this situation. Girls are clever too, they will tie Rakhis tomorrow. So we boys are going to be a target anyway for few days.

And there are some of my friends who are very happy. They don't have sisters, so they are calling their female friends and asking them to tie Rakhi and take their gifts. Lucky girls! they always get gifts. Unlucky boys always have to give away gifts. Anyway its a nice and very happy festival, so enjoy Raksha Bandhan with your sisters.

I'm a bankrupt now, I have so many sisters (cousins) and I have to gift everybody. Mom!! I need money!!
Jus kidding. All my lovely sisters, come and tie me Rakhi, your gifts are ready, take 'em!

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