18 September, 2010

When we teach our parents, "How to handle a computer"

We experience a lot of funny moments while teaching computers to our
parents or any elderly person. Our parents have experienced a
technological burst, they have seen a lot of changes in their lives.
Some could cope up with technology but some couldn't. Teaching
computers to them seems very difficult. I've been teaching my dad
since the past 1 and half years but got no success till date. They
forgot everything we tell them in a short span of time. But there is
always fun teaching them.

Below are a few instructions I gave to dad and got some very funny responses.

1) Me: Okay, now move the mouse pointer upwards
Instead of moving the mouse, lifted it and said, "Arrey, move hi toh
nahi ho raha"

2) Shut down the PC
The PC is powered off directly without even shutting down windows.

3) Close this window
"Kaise karu" replies dad. I said, "Dad I've told you so many times, x
button for closing windows". And I see dad pressing the X button on
the keyboard.

4) Me: Open Firefox, we are going to create a new email-address for you.
Dad: Arey beta, first let me learn how to turn on and turn off the computer.

5) Dad wants to check his mails, but he opens the browser without
turning on the modem. Then he calls me and I've to turn on the modem
every time. This happens always.

6) Inspite of telling them the whole procedure a number of times, they
still ask, "What next" or "ab kya karna hai"

7) Once dad saw me transferring a song from the computer to my mobile
phone via bluetooth. Soon he started admiring the technology. "Kya
technology hai", "no need of wires!, kya baat hai" were few of his

Somehow, I taught my dad how to operate a mobile phone. "Dad! when
will you start operating a computer". But still, he has learnt a lot
of things, it is just a matter of time to learn it completely.

Do let me know in the comments, if you share a similar experience.


Madhav said...

Ditto !!
when we bought computer my papa was afraid if i am using computer..

but after sometime he asked me to teach computer and the reply was same. he takes more than 5 minutes to move cursor on close button and same as your papa shut down PC direct from mains..
but now a days my papa is able to Open drives and started watching one Gujarati play.. yeas if i change location or window get minimized then it is much difficult for him.

Ankita said...

Hey I have same experiences with elders in house.
They get curious about this 'machine' i.e. Computer, but somehow fail to grasp it as quickly as we can.

I suppose when we get older, our ability to adapt to new things starts declining.

P.S: There are always exceptions. I have one grandpa who is 70 something, who keeps kindling with Computer the whole day. Now he can use almost everything on internet; like sending mails with attachments, editing photographs, streaming youtube et al. :-)

Sahithi Pallavi said...

Really they were Nice moments!
My dad says "Don't copy songs,games or films. Computer becomes slow. Virus will come." Ha ha!! And my dad knows MSOffice more than me. He is very familiar with using Internet.
My mother knows only to ON and OFF the UPS,Speakers. And she is afraid even to press enter also.

Enigma said...

Same here! Though my father is pretty much used to the computer, sometimes he gets stuck in some simple situation. And he also forgets the procedure although we(me and my brother) have told him numerous times.
Same is the case with digital camera. Every time he has to be told how to put it in the video recording mode or other. But it's fun in its own way. :)

Manjiri said...

Thats true. I guess the elders have much curiosity regarding how the things like computers and mobiles works. They try to operate it and learn from others. But the only thing is that it takes time.

Harman said...

..I guess ..its opposite ..Dad is very well versed with .Computers..he had works here in US , so knows very well all operating systems and Mom who also works here ..is very familiar with system.. I came from India after them so it singles me out..I always have to take help..from my hubby or somebody at home if I am stuck!!
But it takes time...to learn and at work,we learn faster then at home!
Good luck Gaurav :D

Madhu said...
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Madhu said...

NO..My mom and dad are super tech savvy people.

Gaurav said...

Thank you all.

AbhiLaSH RuHeLa said...

very nice.. funny.. I loved the blog.. I am following u now..

Anonymous said...

Arre... mamachi khilli udavtoy ka?

Gaurav said...

@maxmayur: hehe..nahi re. Saglyanche baba asech kartat.