23 June, 2011

Corruption? Not for me!

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see".

I got inspired by this quote the very first time I read it.

So here goes the story,
Today while returning from my tuition class a traffic policeman stopped me. I don't know why, but I was just waiting for our signal to turn green. All of a sudden this policeman came to me, removed my vehicle's keys and arrogantly asked me to come by the side of the way. I was already out of my mind today, for the tuition class was very boring.

I gave him all the so called 'papers' he wanted. He discovered that the insurance of my vehicle has lapsed.
"600 rupees fine bharna padega"

I said, "Sir, insurance is not necessary to be carried by the vehicle owner, it is optional"

I don't know whether he was drunk or what. He got annoyed with me and rudely said, "Aae.. woh mujhe mat bata... abhi tuhe fine bharna padega yahi pe"

I said, "Okay, give me the details .. and I will pay fine at your office, not here"
"But before that show me the offenses and the fine slab which you people have been provided"
"And yes! let me write down your names too"

There were two of them around me. And pow! they got scared! and led me to their senior officer at the square. The officer showed me the fine and offenses slap and I got them there! The fine for not carrying insurance was 300 and not 600.

The officer then calmed down and said, "Beta I am letting you off with a simple offense of jumping the red signal"

I said, "I didn't do that! I want a 'challan' of 600 rupees and showing the offense as "Not carrying insurance""
I knew it was impossible for him to hand me that 'challan' because fine was 300 not 600.

He then said, "beta ab jaane do woh sab, please yeh 100 rupees wala simple 'challan' le lo aur jao"
I thought, "Okay! let us close this chapter, this one is not asking for a bribe"

So this was how I did not bribe any policeman. And the funny thing, two of them got frightened.

I strongly believe that we are the ones who can stop corruption by taking simple steps like not bribing policemen, babus. Instead there are other ways of accomplishing our tasks, like "scaring" them. He he...


Harman said...

India is so corrupted its a shame...its sucks when we visit India..and this is because a common agrees to pay to get out of the hassle ..
not everybody is like you...
good job buddy!

Gaurav said...

@Harman: ...and I'm sure India is on a process of getting out of this shit. One day people will have to change!

Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This record helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot