31 August, 2011

Airtel guys, you are pathetic!

Credits : Wikipedia
"Airtel" which was revered as a telecommunication network for the youth, has lost its smooth run. I have used Airtel since my junior college days, but in the recent one year Airtel services have been pathetic. There is absolutely no coverage at my home, I have to walk outside my house for making calls. Their call rates have gone high suddenly, they activate value added services without my confirmation and deduct balance unnecessarily.

Upset by their quality of service I complained many times to the customer service, but to my disappointment they are also too bad. Nowadays you need to pay for calling the customer care service.

So I decided to switch to Uninor. I needed to retain my mobile number so I opted for mobile number portability (MNP). The MNP process takes about 7 days and requires the current operator to release your number.

Two days after this, the Airtel customer service girl called me to know why I am leaving Airtel. I told them about how bad their services are and there is no coverage at my place. In turn she offered my some talktime and some free calls tariff for a period of six months, and literally pleaded me to stay with Airtel. But I was adamant, I didn't budge, because I know how manipulative the customer service people are.

Again the next day a guy from customer service called and pleaded not to leave Airtel. I told him that offering attractive call rates and talktime is of no use unless there is some coverage at my home. You know what he said? He said that Airtel will place a mobile tower near my home within 48 hours. I was like, WHAT? I asked him not to fool me because constructing a mobile tower within 48 hours is impossible. I cannot explain how that guy was talking, he was actually 'begging' me to stay with Airtel. I didn't change my mind, I asked him to forward my port-out request. But before I could say anything more, his behaviour suddenly changed and he hanged up the call.

I thought he had cancelled my port-out request. I complained to their customer service and their nodal officer. The customer service has emailed me saying that my request is currently under process. The nodal officer has not replied my yet.

I think Airtel should respect their customers decisions, and not 'beg' to stay with them. Airtel, you disappointed me! If you people do not approve my port-out request, then I have no option but to throw your SIM card and change my number. Uninor is much more better than you people.


harsha said...

if u dnt get the results soon, for surely throw away the sim, n change ur no...

Gaurav said...

Yes, that is for sure!

btw, welcome to the blog. Thanks for visiting :)

Harman said...

its strange gaurav..I mean..all this begging and then customer service not up-to the mark!

Gaurav said...

Yes, even I was shocked!