08 September, 2011

Infosys Campus Recruitment - My Experience

Yesterday I got selected in Infosys. Just thought of sharing my experience here so that students might find it helpful.

Their process of selection was simple - Reasoning Test, English Test, Interview.
The Reasoning test consisted of 30 questions to be solved in 40 minutes. The questions were simple (some of the question were lengthy though). It consisted of questions of type - Data Interpretation, Speed Time & Distance, Profit Loss, Cube Painting problems. There were very few math questions.

The English test comprised of 40 questions to be solved in 35 minutes. The types of questions were - mostly correcting wrong sentences. There were two passages, one was quite long, which was written in slightly difficult English (the context was Biblical - God, Satan, and Jupiter as our future Sun). There were a lot of fill-in-the-blank questions too (pick the correct word based on context).

Out of about 900 people who appeared from 5 colleges, about 145 were shortlisted for interviews.

Then came the interview,

Me : May I come in Sir?
Him : Yes, please come in.
Me : Good afternoon Sir, (told him my name). Here is my resume.
Him : (After going through my resume) What happened in 3rd and 4th semesters, you scored less?
Me : I honestly told him that I could not study well because of (blah blah) problems.
Him : Hmm.. you have to keep your problems aside when it comes to study and work. Did you work hard to improve upon your percentage?
Me : Definitely, if you go through the scores of later semesters, I've scored better than the previous ones.
Him : What about your programming skills? What is the difference between C and C++?
Me : (I thought.. what an easy question!) The major difference is that C++ is an OO language whereas C is a procedural language. Sir, regarding my programming skills, I along with 4 students built a project named Virtual 8085; which is an interpreter for the 8085 assembly language. I played a major role in programming part of that project.
Him : Good. (He saw my aptitude paper and said) Your reasoning part is quite weak. You must improve your logical reasoning, it is a must in programming. Keep on learning...(told me that we should always learn, that he is so old and still learning from we younger people).
Me : Definitely I'll work on that. Sir.
Him : Who is the current CEO, and the current Chairman of Infosys?
Me : (Told him)
Him : What is the punch line of Infosys?
Me : (Told him)
Him : (He asked me about my mom and dad)
Me : (Told him honestly)
Him : Thank you, and all the best (shook hands with me)
Me : Thank you Sir!

Thats all!
From about 145 candidates shortlisted, about 125 were selected.

Remember that before you enter the interviewer's cabin go through all the details of Infosys, its key people, and all other stuff. Expect very easy technical questions (very very easy), and questions based on your project, and scenarios like "what will you do if you have 1 crore rupees?, how will you organize a cultural event?". Those who were very bad in English, scared, not looking confident, ill dressed, were rejected. Interview was quite easy. It is easy to get into Infosys! :)

I hope this is helpful!

And yes, thank you CrazyEngineers for your free mock aptitude tests and interview tips - It helped me a lot :)


Chandrika Shubham said...

Thanks Gaurav for your comment on my blog. :)

Hope you keep rising the success of ladder in Infosys! :)

Points you shared will be helpful for the candidates interested in working in Infosys! :)

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Congratulations! :)

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Congrats... for the job..keep it up!

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Congratulations :)
And All the Best for your Career!

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us, congratulations and all the best for your bright feature.

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Will be more interested to know what happened later ;)

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Well, I am eager for what will happen later!

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Welcome to the infosys family :)

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Life is good when some authors like post their articles!

Anonymous said...

Hey thank u so much 4 takin a step to write ur experience. . It ll help many ppl like me whose dream s to enter infosys. . .