12 September, 2011

The same old story. Repeated!

So far so good. Ganpati Bappa Morya!

What the...

Oh God! Please give some brain to our citizens. All have empty pots in their heads.

I have only one word for our citizens - Shamless!
Look what they did last year


Bikramjit said...

again th same NEXt year It will be ..

Sad situation In the name of GOD we do so much damage and Yet God's Teach us to be Humane and kind hearted ..


Harman said...

Very sad!
if it was US Violation of law can be a heavy fine...not to forget..imprisonment too!

Gaurav said...

@Bikram: Unless people feel sorry about the plight of water bodies, it will be same the next year.

Gaurav said...


We have the law, we also have the police...

but the thing is, they are impotent!