21 April, 2012

A student's life is full of dilemmas

Life as a student is not so easy. We face a lot of dilemmas while studying and even more when it ends.

It all starts when you clear your 4th grade and you are allowed to start writing with a PEN. Writing with a pen is what all primary students dream of, and when that dream comes true they are stuck in a dilemma of choosing a pen. Which pen? Fountain pen, ball pen, Parker pen, Sketch pen, etc..

Then comes a life defining moment after the 10th grade when we step into a dilemma of choosing a stream amongst science, commerce, and arts streams. If daddy says science, its science field for the student. Some don't even know what they like and the dilemma is resolved by 'daddy'

When we step into Bachelor's education, again a SERIOUS dilemma of choosing the field of study. When I was in this phase my mom asked me to choose Electronics. I did not because I liked Computer Science. But unlike my parents who oblige to my decisions, other parents are influenced by the people around them. But still the dilemma is there, whether to follow my heart or other people's advice?

The current phase in which I am is the phase which starts when you are about to graduate. The dilemma is whether to go for further education or a job that you have already got? I am a student already placed in a reputed IT company and awaiting a call after about 10 months. My heart says, "Gaurav! You always wanted to be a Post Graduate? Why aren't you doing that?" But people around me and my parents say, "Bewakoofi mat kar! Tere paas job hai beta... zindagi bhar kya padhte hi rahega kya?"

You see, I am in a big dilemma. I hope to follow my heart... but you know sometimes I get a feel that, "Am I doing the right thing?"

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