07 May, 2012

Satyamev Jayte - Truly inspiring!

India was a great country! It will be a great country in the future!

But the current scenario of this great country is grim. Our country is facing several problems like female foeticide, corruption, black money, and a whole lot of unimaginable things feasting on the blood of this great country which once was known for its great culture, great people and love which was innately embedded in its people.

Amir Khan has started a TV show named Satyamev Jayate which brings up various problems faced by India and its people. With the first show which was aired yesterday, Amir has struck the right cord.

The first episode was about the severity of the problem of female foeticide in our country.

If you have missed the show, please watch it on youtube. I'm sure it will be inspiring and bring you to tears.

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