24 June, 2012

End of bachelor's education, start of nostalgia.

Time passes so quickly, you never know. The duration of 4 years of an engineering degree which seemed so mighty at the beginning have come to an end. I've got to admit that I learnt a lot of life during these 'rapid' four years. I did so many things, met people who deserve to be friends for a lifetime, almost failed in a few subjects, earned respect of many colleagues, fell in love, got to know how it feels to be a famous couple, unfortunately broke-up, fought with people, went to long drives & night stay, got serious with serious stuff, experienced true engineering spirit, and lastly graduated happily from college.

I think I lived what is perfectly labeled as a 'student's life'.

I still remember the day of admission. I and my dad were surprised to see the marvelous white building of the institute. The institute was about 15 kilometers away from home. 15 kms seemed like a very long drive for a Nagpuri guy like me.

The first day of college was amazing. I was surprised to see only 8-9 local students in the classroom of 85, rest of which were students from other parts of the country. As time passed I got more involved with them, made really good friends, and had really nice experiences.

Our class was really unique. Initially people didn't talked much with each other. But when it came to bunking classes, everybody was united (although there were people who were soooo sincere). This unity was so evident in the final and pre-final years. People jelled together. Once the whole class stormed into the principal's room to demand good teachers and practical marks. Because some teachers were uninteresting, there was a time when the classes used to be totally empty. All the efforts by the head of department went in vain. We're engineers, we knew the practice of self-study :D.

Now it is totally different. Everyone is busy, some looking for jobs while some preparing for higher ed. Whenever I scroll down and read the posts in our facebook group, I feel nostalgic. I know everyone of my classmates feels the same. Sometimes I get a feeling that i could have done something better. Nonetheless, I am really happy to clear engineering and experience student life.

This post is dedicated to all my mates for all the time spent together. I wish everyone a successful career. Long live the BE (Computer Science), 2012 batch of Priyadarshi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur.

Long time ago.. in 5th semester
PS: This post comes so late because I was enjoying the vacations. Remember this month is usually the period of rejoining college, which motivated me.


harsha said...

Soooooo True.... :)
we had spent the best times together....... :)

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Gaurav said...

Yes! The memories will remain forever :)