22 April, 2014

Shaktiman - Childhood Memory

Hello Everyone! I'm writing a blog after a long long time, hopefully all goes out well :)

I was not getting a good topic to write on, so decided to share one of my funny childhood memories..

I was a huge huge huge huge huge fan of Shaktimaan. I am damn sure that every Indian reading this knows who Shaktimaan is. I was so crazy about this super hero that I used to find reasons to skip school on Saturdays in order to watch the serial. Thankfully, the show started airing on Sundays. Anyway, the memory goes as follows:

In a Marathi Brahmin family there is a ceremony called as 'Mundan' in which the male child's head is tonsured. I have no idea about the religious aspects of this ceremony. It is said that every Brahmin's 'Mundan' should be done when he is a kid. So, one fine day my family decided to have me 'Mundan-ed'. I was totally against being balded. I couldn't even imagine going to school and being called 'taklu' by all the kids. But the 'mundan' had to be done at any cost in the family.

I cried and cried, did all sorts of 'tamashas' to avoid it, but none to my rescue. As the day of the ceremony came closer, my protests became frequent and more agitated. I used to do all sorts antics, like, biting my parents, crying, hitting people, everything.

A day before the ceremony, my parents gave in to my protests. Nevertheless, as a last option they tried to lure me with goodies. I denied all the way. They said they'll get anything I wanted. This was the best chance for me!! And then, I asked them to get me my most wanted thing. What I wanted was the best damn thing ever for me. I used to dream about it every Sunday. When I asked for it, it startled my mummy-papa. :D

You must be wondering what I asked, aren't you? Well I asked for "SHAKTIMAN DRESS". I wanted to wear Shaktimaan's suit be be like him. I said, "Get that suit now and I'll be ready to get bald tomorrow". The evening my parents scanned the whole of Nagpur and couldn't find the suit. Finally, at a local shop they could get the suit, much to their respite. And, the next day, I was happy being Shaktimaan and getting myself 'Mundan-ed'

But wearing a Shaktimaan suit with a head with no hair came with a lot of disadvantages. When I stood with the revolutionary "Shaktimaan Pose" outside my house, I was hurled with comments such as "Taklu Shaktimaan", "Ganja Shaktimaan". People laughed at me, but I stood like it was the best damn day for me without paying heed to any of the comments.

That't it. End of story. Even today my parents laugh about this. They tell that I was so adamant and because of me they had to search whole of Nagpur city in ONE day to find that Shaktimaan dress.

This is that "Legendary" "Revolutionary" Shaktimaan Pose!

I hope you don't LOL at this :P


Amit Diwane said...

Superb incident gaurav...
Still can't stop laughing..
Very nicely explained. Keep it up bro

harsha said...

He he... Even after knowing this incidence.. It was fun reading

Gaurav said...

:) Welcome to the blog, Harsha !