12 August, 2014

Free hugs!

We Indian people are so loving, caring, empathizing people but we don't express it. There is a lack of physical expression of these feelings.

At times of immense joy I feel like hugging my close friends and do a quick "joy dance" with them. And I end up expressing this to my guy friends only. To my girl friends I'll just gesture with smiles and shaking hands with them although I want hug them and go "Yayyy!!!"

This is the case with all Indian men and women out there. Why do we have to stay 2 feet away from the opposite sex? Why has our culture evolved this way? Are only the very very close people are there to be offered hugs and love?

Well, too many questions there. I feel that our culture must evolve and become more open.

When you are happy go "yayy!!". Give away free hugs!

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