14 June, 2015

Change is good? Yep!

Sometimes I just wonder about the things that have happened in the past. The turn of events that have shaped my life into what is today; the events that are expected to happen which will supposedly lead to a brighter future. I am glad that such events have happened in the past because it was really cool to take those risks and make that jump over that cliff, and to fall face down and cry, make amends and try again only to rejoice.

Over time, our life becomes mundane and requires a change to add up spice. Changes that involve a bit of risk to add some excitement. Changes that clear the clouds on the way which leads to your goal. Changes are always good, no matter what. Because changes give you hope to sail ahead of the past and make the present better to leap into the future.

Be a risk taker. Make that change because there is an endless road to discover. Make that change because 'picture abhi baaki mere dost'. Make that change because that dream should come true.


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