26 August, 2015

I left Infosys

It is 2.30 am and I am not getting sleep. I have left a nice job at Infosys last month. Usually a vacation doesn't last longer than 10 days. It has been 25 days since I left my job and I am getting a very different feeling. I am missing those moments in office where I solved so many issues with my team. Missing my colleagues and the office environment. Anyway, now that I have left the company, I can't do anything rather than remember the good ol days.

Why did I leave Infosys?

Well, I ain't going to complain about anything here. I left the company because I wanted to study further. After two years in the company, I found out that to achieve my goals, I can no longer stay with the company and leaving it is the only option I have. I would have loved to stay, but I can't.

Why is Infosys so special for me?

Well, the real reason I miss Infosys is because of the friends I made there. It all started from Mysore Training days in 2013 where I learnt what real friendship is. Later when I was allocated a project in Hyderabad, it was a let down since I wanted to work in a development project, but this was a support job. Nevertheless, I learnt deal with and started liking what I did. I innovated, I did what I liked along with support work. Point is, the people around supported what I did.

I found the work culture very good in Infosys. Everybody is helpful and work in a team. Infosys is the first company I worked for, so I don't know how greener the grass is in other companies.

But I can't deny the fact the this company has had an immensely positive effect on me. It has shaped my personality, my skills, and made me a better person overall.

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Freshers!! If you get a change to work here, don't let it go beca
use you will learn a lot about LIFE in your first job here.


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