28 September, 2015

I am in Finland

I am in Finland! Yes, I have come here to study in Aalto University for my Master's program in Mobile Computing. I came here on 28th of August.

The first experiences have been really nice. Everyone here knows very good English, and there is absolutely no communication problem. Finnish is a difficult language, at least for now it seems till I pass my language course.

Aalto University - Main building
The weather has been really awesome so far, no so cold. Though I can feel the winter kicking in slowly as the temperature drops steadily every night. People say its really cold and dark in the winter. But I am very excited to see the snow! I have never seen a snowfall in my life!

Things are very different from India. Cars stop for pedestrians to move. Public transport is awesome. There is absolutely no pollution and its very clean everywhere (though you will see lots of cigarette butts everywhere :P)

The university is great. It is one of the top universities in the world and I can see it in their
Soon to be... :)

I'm learning to deal with this new country, new culture, and a new way of academics. Wish me luck while I settle in my new home for 2 years (at least) :)

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