19 November, 2016

How to dance?

I have always been one of those kids who never used to dance. When forced, I just used to do leg-leg-hand-hand dance for a few seconds and opt out the moment I could. Deep inside, I used to feel like dancing, but it was the shyness and poor skills that used to hold me back. I was so shy of dancing that I used to screw up every time I tried. And yes, I did dance awful.

Well, I still dance awfully. Probably, the worst way someone can dance. But, I DANCE! I am not afraid of dancing anymore. I still get shy initially, but I don't find it that difficult anymore to jump on to the dance floor and start moving to that beat. So how can you get the MJ, the Prabhu Deva, the Hritik out on the floor?

Read on..

By the way, I am not going by this popular definition of dance .

"Dance is human movement created and expressed for an aesthetic purpose." - Sondra Fraleigh

I am going by the layman's definition which to "Move your body baby!" to music. Meaning, dancing on occasions like a club, parties, weddings, etc. Not on the stage, no, I am not an expert (only did it once in school).

So following are some tips to get yourselves to dance

1. C2H6O

To be honest, some amount of this alternate water (read alcohol) helps to an extent. Hammer yourself with a couple of beers or some shots and the liquid courage will start to work. Some studies suggest that a slight intoxication does increase rhythm.
 Or is it a placebo effect? Anyway, too many drinks will lead you to make a fool out of yourself. So find the placebo, or the right amount of the devil's soup to drink.

Thanks for reading. The above is the only way to get yourselves to dance. STOP! I have some more, read on.

2. Do not care!

Actually, this is the key to dance. Do not care about anyone, do your thing. Remember you dance for yourself to enjoy, not for the others to see. If you wanted to dance for others to see, go on a stage to dance. "Log kya kahenge?" (What will people think?) - This statement has ruined more occasions that any other thing in this world. If you don't care what people think, I assure you will actually enjoy your dancing. And when you enjoy something, you get better and better at it. In fact, alcohol (read above) actually does the exact same thing. It makes you think, "I don't fucking care, I am gonna dance".

3. Observe what others do

People mostly dance in groups. Remember, there are always a few good dancers on the floor. Observe them how they move, steal a few steps on the fly. I have actually made dance buddies when dancing on the floor, stole the other guys moves, and then we were dancing in sync! And people like dancing in sync with others, it looks good and is easy as well. So copy!

Actually, watching video songs helps quite well (Bollywood). Just remember a few steps from the video songs, and trust me, you don't have to break dance, just a few hand, leg, neck movements that go well with music.

Break the dance floor!


Tejaswini said...

haha this is one crazy list of advice for non-dancers! Good Post Good Gaurav ;)

Chaand sheikh 2 said...

Inspired by true story: )

Vikrant Sharma said...

Really helped me now I can say ABCD.