30 December, 2016

Enough with "2016 was shit"

It is funny how everyone on social media has started to put those "2016 was shit" posts. I understand that 2016 was shit but so were 2015 and 2014. Every year in the past was shit.

Wasn't 1914 to 1918 shit during the first world war?
Wasn't 1919 shit when 1000+ people were killed in Jalllianwala bagh massacre?
Wasn't 1939 to 1945 shit during the second world war and the holocaust?
Wasn't 1943 shit when the Bengal famine killed 3 million people?
Wasn't 1947 shit when the partition of India killed more than a million people?
Heck, the whole 1600 to 1947 were shit during British Raj

Yeah 2016 was shit. Probably 2017 is going to be shit too

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